2008 - Atual | Instituto Brasileiro de Pesquisa em Ciências WEB (Brazilian Institute for Web Science Research)

2008 - Atual | Instituto Brasileiro de Pesquisa em Ciências WEB (Brazilian Institute for Web Science Research)


Descrição: The World Wide Web (the Web for short) has had a tremendous impact on scientific research, technological development and human experience and society. The ways we communicate, collaborate and learn are being radically changed by it. As an entity, however, it remains surprisingly unstudied. This motivated the appearance of a new research domain, the so-called Web Science. In this new domain, the Web is the primary object of study and ceases to be viewed as a mere technology, based on computers, that helps people communicate and interact on a global basis. With this motivation, this project proposes the creation of the Brazilian Institute of Web Science Research, which will integrate 10 different Brazilian institutions to join their efforts in understanding and planning the Web. The Institute has as missions: 1.To advance scientific research in a number of topics within Web Science, specially those topics that the Institute researchers have produced high-quality contributions to both the national and international scientific communities; 2.To educate qualified professionals and researchers to ensure innovation and promote interdisciplinary collaboration; and 3.To transfer knowledge to the society at large through broad educational programs. 4.To transfer knowledge to the industry and service segments through specific programs, including residencies at the Institute.


Situação: Em andamento

Natureza: Pesquisa.

Alunos envolvidos: Graduação ( 40) / Mestrado acadêmico ( 20) / Doutorado ( 10).

Integrantes: Eduardo Coelho Cerqueira / Antônio Jorge Abelém / Michael Anthony Stanton / Cláudia Maria Bauzer Medeiros

Coordenador: Carlos José Pereira de Lucena

Financiador(es): Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico - Auxílio financeiro.



Rua Igarapé Tucunduba - Universitário, Belém-PA, CEP: 66075-123