Internet of Things

Introduction: The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network composed by physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other devices, which have embedded technology in software, sensors, actuators and network connectivity, making it possible to both collect and transmit data.

Advantages: IoT is a potential solution to improve people’s lives. In addition to the exchange of data among machines (M2M), it allows a much easier access to information, energy saving, security, health, education and other daily aspects.

Goals: The IoT research group at GERCOM act in both teaching and developing of related researches with a variety of topics in Iot, such as:

IoT architectures

New IoT enabling technologies

Services, Applications, Standards and Use Cases.

Methodology: The group makes the use of a greate number of available hardware tools (sensors, actuators, computers, network infrastructure) and software (simulators: OMNET++, NS2, NS3, OPNET, IoT brokers, Protocols)


Available Hardware:

8 solar-panel rechargable batteries

4 CMUcam3 cameras

12 SunSpot nodes

3 telosB nodes

10 IRIS nodes

2 gateways with a programable board (MIB-520)

1 – Memsic classroom kit, containing:

30 IRIS nodes

20 MDA 100 acquisition board

10 gateways with a programable board (MIB-520)





Igarapé Tucunduba St. - Universitário, Belém-PA, Zip Code: 66075-123